Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Was It Real?

(A Poem, A Play)


He was looking straight at me,
Trying to catch my gaze.
What was in that stare?
Was he trying to tell me something?
Was he searching for answers?
But I couldn’t return his look.
I don’t know why.
Was I confused?
Was I afraid?
From the corner of my eyes,
I saw him turn away.
No expression at all
Or at least nothing I could read.


He was beside me,
Not speaking a single word.
It was heart-breaking
Being too close with somebody
And yet feeling he was drifting away.

I couldn’t contain th
e sadness I felt.
I was filled with confusion,


The list goes on…

Then suddenly,
All the havoc within me was interrupted
When he held my hand.
It was the first time.
And again, it was as if
There was oblivion on everything else,
Even on my own heartbeat.
Simply, I was stunned.

I didn’t dare look,
Nor did I ask anything.
I remained still,
Trying to identify what feeling it brought me.


I was looking at him,
Trying to catch his gaze.
But he looked away.
I tried to hold his hand,
But even before I could reach for them,
He locked them inside his pocket.

I tried to speak a word.
Something he never did.
But his eyes weren’t fixed on me.
Was he searching for something else?

It was my turn to look away.
Not to escape his gaze,
But to hide my tears.

I knew it was time.
But I couldn’t get into my feet.
Instead, I waited.
For him to look right over his shoulders.
And give me that look

I thought I once had.

Time was ticking.
I saw the leaves falling from the trees.
And before I knew it

There he was…
A shadow from afar…
An image I barely know…
Nothing but

A ghost who passed by…

It was when I wished the rolling of the curtains would end the scene.

ABOUT THE PLAY: It’s been almost a year since I played a lead role in a theater where I had no audience. It was a story which I personally produced, believing in its substance. It was a play whose script I, myself, wrote, choosing the plot, the climax and whose end still hangs. It was a play which I starred with no reservations at all. But eventually I realized it was a play I got myself involved with alone.