Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Game

Characters: He and She
Setting: Some bench in some place, one hazy day.

He: “So you think everything’s changed now, eh?” He had that probing eyes, trying to extract all information from her silence.

She: “Am I wrong?” It was her time to give him that prying look, and he turned away with a nervous laugh.

He: “I’m still here, right?” He tried to make it sound funny.

She: “Are you?” She threw back. It was the first time that he failed to make her laugh.

He: “What do you think am I, a ghost?” He laughed, feeling victorious in having found a way to break the tension between them. Second try.

She: “Didn’t you introduce yourself to me as that a long time ago?” She simply shrugged, breaking his triumph. Second failure.

He: “I know…” He said quietly. She could’ve jumped for winning the all-questions game they started. But she hoped he would say something more.

He: Said none.

She: “Gotcha. I won this time.” She joked, collecting back her things and her tears. She said a fast goodbye.

She: Ran away, without looking.

She knew he would never add anything more, not now, not tomorrow, probably never in this lifetime.

When can that ever sink in?