Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Story of the Cookie

Italiannis. Mang Inasal. Cookies.

Those were the food on top of my mind when I was nearing the end of my 7-turned-10-day fast.

For the past 10 days, I must say I might have forgotten the feeling of being physically full. Instead, I got acquainted with the feeling of dizziness and weakness.*

On my last day of fasting, while I was being tortured by the aroma of all the dishes being prepared for the celebration of the town's fiesta, an image of a cookie suddenly popped into my head. Yes. A cookie. Big, luscious, chocolate-coated cookie. I immediately included it on my virtual list of the things I would stuff my mouth with as soon as I got the chance. And I uttered a quick prayer: Lord, I want cookies...

Little did I know I was up for a grand surprise. That same day, I was about to meet with a friend I haven't seen for maybe a month or so. And guess what she was holding inside that brown bag fully protected by a cute purple plastic bag? Yeah! Cookies! Boy, was I thrilled! You can imagine me: wide eyes, wide smile, on the verge of jumping in front of everyone at the bus station!

Some might think I'm such a child to take such a great pleasure with simple cookies. Maybe I am. But having felt the sweetness of God through a loving friend makes me beam with delight! And I will never trade such moments that I get to experience so quickly God's sweet love with chocolate chips on top! <3

*But of course all the hunger and the missing to chew food were all worth the spiritual feeding I got! Finished by such a great surprise! =)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 4: The Walls Will Crumble

The wall may look sturdy. It may look unmovable. It may look undefeatable.

But don’t miss out the one thing that outweighs all the impossible.

God’s immeasurable power. Overflowing grace. Indescribable goodness.

What could be more outrageous than the Israelites marching around the walls of Jericho for seven days and expect it to fall down? (Joshua 6:1-27)

But they did! They believed. And the walls fell down.

I can never comprehend the ways of God. I simply stand amazed that what he did in the past, he is still capable of doing up to this very minute, for he never changes.

As I read the passage for the nth time in Day 4, I was awestruck. For the nth time. After this 7-day prayer and fasting, could we be more excited to see all the walls of our life, of our families, of the church and of this nation crumble down?

Just make sure we are standing there to witness it before our very eyes.

Can’t believe it’s Day 5! =)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 1: Courage (The Fear of Being Labeled a Weirdo)

I was kind of shying away from my officemates who asked me why I didn't join them for lunch. I didn’t know how to react nor explain what I’m doing. I didn’t want to sound too spiritual or worse, religious. I was a bit scared of being labeled a weirdo or self-righteous.

But then what else could I expect? They would bug me anyway.

I felt a tug to speak up. After all, today is all about strength, courage and boldness. And I did. I told an officemate about fasting as not a religious thing but something done to seek more of God and His will in my life. I told her about the kinds of fast and that there’s no required type of fast, for whatever fast you do is a commitment with God and is definitely honored by Him.

And they all said: How can you stand not eating at all? I can never do that.

And I have only one response: It’s only by God’s grace.

Talk about being full in the middle of hunger.

Talk about being strong in the middle of weakness.

Talk about hearing more when you empty yourself before God.

And finally taking the step.