Sunday, January 31, 2010

Caving In

Faced with uncertainty, fear consumes you. When given tough choices, you are confused. When you don't know the answer, you lose confidence. And when you find yourself saying I Don't Know, you are lost. You can’t move. You’re simply frozen. Most often than not, you retreat. You move into your cave of comfort with no one to bother you.

People call you from the outside, throwing in ropes to rescue you and yet you ask, do you want to be rescued? So you move back farther until you hear them no more. And in your solitude you stare at the darkness, praying for even a tiny light.

The wait is hard. Sometimes you feel like giving up and just remain where you are.

Your heart is deceived for a while and as you choose your cave, you limit yourself into the walls of darkness. As you allow yourself to be locked inside your own judgment, you fail to understand the depth of reasons laid before you. As you choose your cave, you miss out the great things that await you if you’ve just had that faith to step out.

If you would just look onto the other side of your cave you will see that tiny, inviting light. If you would just listen intently, the incomprehensible murmurs will turn into clear voice of hope.

It is not meant for you to remain captive of your own idea of life. The vagueness of your perception can be cleared. The confusion in your heart can be set straight. And it is not inside your cave that you will figure things out.

Your plans are outweighed by Someone Else’s whose design is far greater than you can imagine. If you would just let Him lead you out of your cave, your uncertainties will be replaced by definiteness. If you would just pay attention to his voice, you won't miss him saying "I will never leave you."

But inside your cave? You will never know the greater purpose you are intended for.

Experience God's amazing plans in your life. Step out of your cave!