Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Choosing A Side

In the middle of an uncertainty where the truth is unknown, you have two options: to believe you're in the safe zone, or to fear the alert of the danger zone.

Safe zone is where you believe you remain invincible, impenetrable by anything or anyone. It is where you feel you are still in control.

Danger zone is where the line is crossed, the boundaries are exceeded until you become vulnerable to whatever circumstances may still bring. It is where you have lost your upper hand.

It is torturing to stay in the gray area. To not know what side to choose. To want to choose the safe zone but the fear of the danger zone keeps on bugging you like a forceful idea not wanting to give up its power over you.

However, in reality, there remains one last option: to find out the truth. Only, the final question would be: Are you ready for it?


  1. Sooooo vague...i dunno what to say --- except take chances.

  2. @ rob - it's really not deep. just confusing :)

    @ amor - vague right? i know...ah yeah, it's either black or white! no room for gray area ;p

  3. If you want to make progress, sometimes you have to jump off the cliff and wait to see what happens. Then you can plan your next move.


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