Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When Your Feelings Betray You

They say if you don't like the ending, then don't even start thinking about it. The problem is most of the time it is your own feelings that betray you.

One moment you feel that you’ve moved on from a break up, ready to face a whole new world, and then you wake up one day feeling miserable all of a sudden, recalling all the pain you thought were already gone.

You know how it feels to slump back to that dark past but undeniably, stubbornness is the one enemy of all dealing with dilemmas. No matter how you portray that undefeatable fa├žade, you see yourself being drifted to that zone of vulnerability. Because you allow your feelings consume you. Most of the time you are indeed miserable because you choose to. You place yourself into where your feelings can manipulate you and make you believe that what it says is the reality.

But in the real reality, you are just one soul trapped by your own feelings. You are wondering on the endless what ifs of the past maybe because you just run out of something good to think of and strangely have that desire to feel miserable.

Feelings are always deceiving. It’s something very difficult to comprehend, but can be mastered I believe. It’s a venom that can poison you without you knowing if you have not learned to manage it.

There’s always one question you can consider:

Are you wise enough to know where your feelings lead you?


  1. "People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." -Abraham Lincoln

    I try my best not to question my decisions in life, especially the really hard ones. While there is knowledge and wisdom to be discovered from analyzing the past, at some point all those "what ifs" slowly start to consume you as you dwell more and more.

    I would rather be swayed by emotion into complete ruin, than not feel anything at all.

  2. Exactly what I was saying! Great minds think alike!


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