Thursday, May 28, 2009

Authority in Question

Submission is a word most people hate. Of course. As much as possible we want to have things our way. But whether we like it or not, as long as we do not have a planet of our own where our rules and sole power reign, we have to submit to certain forms of authority.

Undoubtedly we have our own dominion in our little lives but when we step out and face the world, we still have to pay some form of respect to other people especially those who have authority over us, say our boss.

I am one of the nicest and most supportive bosses. I always encourage, praise good output, play down mistakes, and I very rarely yell. So I do feel awful when people become abusive and start to give me an attitude.

I am very much upset by people who seem to discount my authority as a boss. Is it acceptable to just go on a leave without giving any notice at all? Is it tolerable to make faces when given instructions? What’s the problem with these people! I need not spell it out as a policy. It takes just a little common sense!

You might suggest confrontation. All right, that makes me imperfect now. I hate confrontations and before I start yelling I have to recollect my emotions first. I know I don’t have to take things personally, maintain professionalism and all that. But sometimes it’s quite tough not to take things personally when as simple as common courtesy just doesn’t seem so common anymore. I’m starting to think if it’s being done on purpose. Running a business is really hard, but managing people is a whole lot harder.

Submission is not blind obedience. It is almost inseparable with respect. And in this arena, I believe disrespect is worse than disobedience.


  1. I always try to be respectful of my bosses, but even I will admit that there are thresholds to my respect. If a manager clearly doesn't know how to lead/manage, then the team will quickly loose respect for him/her.

    Its my belief that a true leader leads from the front, not the rear. I would have more respect for a warrior king leading the charge, than a king sitting in his throne room sending orders via messengers.

  2. Making a face in front of a boss while given instructions is just unacceptable, and it's putting one's job at risk. Better do it in the confines of your own home, --- if that makes you a two-face, then fine. It's a common fact that we hate our bosses, sometimes.

  3. I dont understand why a person cant have both, respectful workers who are obedient and work hard. I know its probably hard for some people. But if my boss asks me to work on a project, even if I dont want to, I'm going to do it and with a smile on my face. otherwise why am i at a job.

    i hope things get better. ugh.

  4. @ omegaradium - i myself wouldn't want a boss who has no idea on how to be one, or who seems to know it all he might as well do the tasks by himself.

    @ amor - i agree. we're entitled to have our own feelings but i believe a little professionalism, whether you like your boss or not, is required at work. make face at the confines of your own home. i like that idea. :)

    @ oregoncitygirl - i was a subordinate to someone before i handled our business and sometimes i didn't really agree with her but never did i disrespect her. anyway, i had a talk with my employee and we settled this thing already. thanks much dear. i missed u! *hugs*


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