Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In the Middle of Silence

Silence is deafening, some people say. Sitting next to a person hearing nothing but the sounds of his breath is not easy. People resort to make whatever sound, tap their fingers, and initiate small talks just to fill in the awkward gaps. It's hard to be steady in the middle of silence. Most of the time, there has to be the littlest noise to break it.

What's in silence that people cannot bear? The awkwardness? The nothingness? The solitude?

I love silence. I love long drives with no radio on. No talking. I can go for hours without speaking a word. I love to be alone with my own thoughts. And sometimes it's the best time to recognize ones existence. It's one of the few moments to be reminded of life's simple pleasures, the ones that are always overshadowed by the busyness of this life. It's the time to uncover the realities that go unnoticed because each is consumed by the seemingly more important facts of life.

Nearly every place has no room for silence. In the middle of today's worries, even in our sleep we find no silence, no peace. I wonder when is the last time we have a time of quiet and just discover the marvel of the unknown...of some things greater than us...of the profundity of life and our existence.


  1. I'm pro silence! If I can feel comfortable enough around someone to be completely silent, then they're probably someone very close to me and my heart.

    When I'm looking for silence, I head up atop my house and just sit on the roof. No one ever looks up, they're too busy with their earthly endeavors to notice me up there. Total silence and total bliss!

  2. I cannot agree with you more. I have also a spot in the house where I can be alone in my own little world ;p

    Glad to know I'm not the only one =)

  3. great post!! i love the 'spaces in between' as i like to say too. people don't appreciate silence often enough. some of the most perfect moments (with loved ones) are in silence. you don't have to speak with words to communicate.. or just experience a beautiful thing.

  4. Thanks floreta! =) You're right. Silence with the people you love is just perfect.

  5. I enjoy silence too! Actually,silence is a writer's friend. =) I go on personal retreat once in a while and I come out refreshed each time.

  6. I have been living alone for the past 5 years (since working overseas)--- and one of the best things of being in this situation is the silence that I get to enjoy. However, too much of it is not good. Sometimes, I crave for conversation w/ people.

  7. @ marlene - ate yah! ooh i love retreats too! i feel like a whole new person ready for a brand new start every time =)

    @ amor - wow 5 years away from home? that's the perfect silence you can ever get! hehe. but seriously, i agree. too much of anything is not good. are you still in japan? if you can't speak their language, it must be tough...

  8. by the way, thanks so much for dropping by... =)

  9. our world is so filled with noise that sometimes people cant handle the silence. i think those moments when you can hear anything are the most wonderful. i belive someone wrote a book about finding silence in our noisy world.

    "silence is awkward" <-- not if you listen to the silence.

    i hope youre having a wonderful weekend! <3

  10. Finding silence, more so, listening to silence is really a challenge in this chaotic place.

    I had a great weekend! I went out to see a concert with my friends. Sure it was not near any silence but I had a blast! Now I'm back to my room, enjoying the solitude again. Thanks Larissa! I hope you had a great time as well =)


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