Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Story of the Cookie

Italiannis. Mang Inasal. Cookies.

Those were the food on top of my mind when I was nearing the end of my 7-turned-10-day fast.

For the past 10 days, I must say I might have forgotten the feeling of being physically full. Instead, I got acquainted with the feeling of dizziness and weakness.*

On my last day of fasting, while I was being tortured by the aroma of all the dishes being prepared for the celebration of the town's fiesta, an image of a cookie suddenly popped into my head. Yes. A cookie. Big, luscious, chocolate-coated cookie. I immediately included it on my virtual list of the things I would stuff my mouth with as soon as I got the chance. And I uttered a quick prayer: Lord, I want cookies...

Little did I know I was up for a grand surprise. That same day, I was about to meet with a friend I haven't seen for maybe a month or so. And guess what she was holding inside that brown bag fully protected by a cute purple plastic bag? Yeah! Cookies! Boy, was I thrilled! You can imagine me: wide eyes, wide smile, on the verge of jumping in front of everyone at the bus station!

Some might think I'm such a child to take such a great pleasure with simple cookies. Maybe I am. But having felt the sweetness of God through a loving friend makes me beam with delight! And I will never trade such moments that I get to experience so quickly God's sweet love with chocolate chips on top! <3

*But of course all the hunger and the missing to chew food were all worth the spiritual feeding I got! Finished by such a great surprise! =)

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