Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 1: Courage (The Fear of Being Labeled a Weirdo)

I was kind of shying away from my officemates who asked me why I didn't join them for lunch. I didn’t know how to react nor explain what I’m doing. I didn’t want to sound too spiritual or worse, religious. I was a bit scared of being labeled a weirdo or self-righteous.

But then what else could I expect? They would bug me anyway.

I felt a tug to speak up. After all, today is all about strength, courage and boldness. And I did. I told an officemate about fasting as not a religious thing but something done to seek more of God and His will in my life. I told her about the kinds of fast and that there’s no required type of fast, for whatever fast you do is a commitment with God and is definitely honored by Him.

And they all said: How can you stand not eating at all? I can never do that.

And I have only one response: It’s only by God’s grace.

Talk about being full in the middle of hunger.

Talk about being strong in the middle of weakness.

Talk about hearing more when you empty yourself before God.

And finally taking the step.


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