Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Did You Feel My Love Today?

When God Speaks (2)

I was about to sleep. But I felt something was missing.

I grabbed my IPod.

You broke the night like the sun. And healed my heart with your great love. Any trouble I couldn’t bear, you lifted me upon your shoulders.

I asked him, “Would you talk to me?”

Love that’s stronger. Love that covers sin. And takes the weight of the world.

I waited. I knew it was only him that could fill what was missing.

At that point where I acknowledged that only he shall satisfy, he softly asked,

“Did you feel my love today?”


Instant flashback. What did happen to me today?

I went “Ermm…Uhmm...” I was groping for something to say.

Yes, I was busy.

“I was with you today, just like any other day…”

We’re busy. We always are. After all the accomplished tasks in our to-do list we feel a certain sense of fulfillment for the day, and yet we feel empty.

We’re tired. We always are. We consume ourselves with all our cares and slump back to our bed at the end of day searching for a reason to celebrate.

Then we go wondering where God was all day.

Every single day, his desire is for us to share a life with him. Not just a minute. Not just before a meal. He longs to be a part of our life, even the most trivial parts of it. He knows our thoughts, our deepest longings, our busyness, and even our idleness. And he desires for us to share them with him. He waits. He cares. He loves.

Did you feel his love for you today?

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